Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top 10 Ole Miss Football Players since 1975

Southern Pigskin has a list of Ole Miss' top 10 football players since 1975. It's a fairly solid list, though, as usual, I've got a few nits to pick...

In my view, Patrick Willis is hands down the best talent to come through Oxford in the last 35 years. Of course when you're mired on the bench behind Justin Wade (Justin Freaking Wade?!?) because your head coach is an idiot wouldn't know a defense if it grabbed him his droopy face and shook him won't start you, it severely limits the time you get to strut your stuff. What he accomplished in basically two years of steady playing time was unreal.

I also feel he is sorely underselling Deuce's value to the program, not only as an All-SEC RB, but also as an ambassador to the university. He seemed to have factored that in with Gentle Ben though.

He's also understating the shutdown ability that Kenyatta Lucas had. Sure, he played at the same time as Fred Smoot, the overrated, loquacious CB from Mississippi State, but their relative draft positions and NFL careers have seperated the two, severely in Lucas' favor.

I'm not sure that Rufus French belongs on this list at all.

My list - off the top of my head - would be:
1) Patrick Willis
2) Eli Manning
3) Deuce McAllister
4) Ben Williams
5) Kenyatta Lucas
6) Michael Oher
7) Everett Lindsay
8) Peria Jerry
9) Derrick Burgess
10) Bill Smith


  1. Terrance Metcalf was better than Oher; he just didn't have a movie made after him.

  2. Whomever is the author has very ameteurish ans superficial knowledge of Ole Miss football