Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Morning tidbits

* Blutarsky links to a couple of posts discussing the quarterback situation in the SEC for 2009, including a look at the SEC champion quarterbacks from the past eight years. Good news for Rebel fans...

* The News Star takes a look at some questions for LSU's upcoming season and have a very favorable prediction for Jordan Jefferson. I'm still trying to figure out why. Sure he didn't throw a Pick6 every other pass attempt like Jarrett Lee did, but what about him makes people think he's so great?

He became the Tigers' #1 QB in the Ole Miss beatdown last year and amassed the following statistics in the final 3 games of the season: 53% completion rate, 4/1 TD/INT ratio, 6.3 yards per pass attempt, 2.5 yards per carry. Why do those numbers give Tiger fans hope?

* Tony Barnhart has "Five Burning Questions About the SEC West" and Question #5 deals with our Rebels.
5-Ole Miss finally cut signee Jamar Hornsby loose. Is that good karma or bad karma going into preseason practice?
My burning question is how it could possibly be bad karma to get rid of a cancer like Hornsby. He's more interested in fighting at McDonald's in Starkville at 2AM than he is his team. He's a thug who is destined to spend a good portion of his adult life behind bars. The bad karma came with recruiting him, not with seeing the light and kicking his ass to the curb releasing him from his letter of intent.

* The Baltimore Sun has a very quick interview with former Rebel FB Jason Cook up on its site. While Peria Jerry and Michael Oher got most of the attention last year amongst the seniors - and deservedly so - Jason Cook was overlooked. It's good to see him reunited with Big Mike in Baltimore.

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