Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dan Mullen still thinks about Ole Miss a lot

This is really just kind of sad. There's actually a clock in the MSU locker room counting down to the Egg Bowl. Why they're so excited about getting the chance to watch the Rebels name their score again, I'll never know.

And isn't this kind of bush league? And borderline obsessive at that? They've got 11 other games before the Egg Bowl. They've even got a chance to be competitive in 3-4 of them. So why are they so focused on Ole Miss? Do you think Houston Nutt and staff have thought about MSU for 2 seconds since last year's 45-0 rout?

They've even go so far as to call Ole Miss "The Team up North" on the Egg Bowl posters in the locker room. See more pictures here if you need a good chuckle.


  1. Nice facilities. Very impressive.

  2. Why did Nutt have a poster of Pegues returning a punt for a TD hanging on the wall of the Ole Miss locker room last season? I think it's great! These kind of things only make the rivalry better. Croom didn't care that his team got Crxxmed 45-0. I think it's obvious, Mullen cares!

  3. There's no doubt Mullen cares. I also believe he's going to be an upgrade over Croom, but then again who wouldn't be? What I don't get is why he brings Ole Miss up as much as he does and why he thinks calling us The Team/School up North is so creative.

  4. It's something he picked up from Urban Meyer, who puts up motivational material regarding rivals in the UF locker room and calls FSU the "school out west." The latter is something he got from one of his childhood heroes, Woody Hayes, who always referred to Michigan as the "school up north."