Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon Delights

* How big is the SEC's new TV deal with ESPN? Blair Kerkhoff sums it up nicely with this line:
Think about that. Vanderbilt will take home more network TV football money this season than Texas.
* The guys at Red and Black threw together a list of the most hateable coaches in the SEC. It's a fairly entertaining read, and it's hard to argue with the top 3. I can't say I agree with them all though.

First off, Spurrier is highly overrated at #4. Unless you're still harboring a grudge in Athens or Knxoville, Spurrier is a disinterested shell of his former self who strikes fear into no one.

Secondly, Mark Richt is overrated as well at #5. There's no way he's more hateable than Les Miles or Bobby Petrino, who may be the most underrated checking in at #7.

Our own Houston Dale Nutt checks in at #8 with this commentary:
Houston Nutt is, well ... on the edge of crazy. We don't particularly have a grudge, but he's coached at two different SEC schools, and, well, kind of orazy.

So, hey, somebody must hate him.
I wonder who could hate Houston?

* The Orlando Sentinel has a chart up tracking the revenue of every D1A football school from 2007-08. Although the totals include all sports, truthfully on football and basketball matter financially at the majority of the schools on the list. Considering this list covers Orgeron's last year, it's no surprise to see Ole Miss ranked so low and 11th in the SEC. I know most think EOr was fired when he "sensed a lull" in the 2007 Egg Bowl, but truthfully, he was fired when about 15,000 people showed up for the Northwestern State game that year.

Florida obviously topped the SEC, but I was surprised to see Auburn #2...

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