Thursday, July 30, 2009

Auburn Game Preview at Track 'Em Tigers

Acid Reign at Track 'Em Tigers has a very in-depth preview of the Halloween showdown between the Rebels and the Tigers up. It breaks down position-by-position matchups. Most of it falls within reason, though I do strongly disagree with this assessment:
Auburn offensive line vs. Ole Miss defensive line: Auburn's offensive line handled the Ole Miss line pretty well, last fall. Unfortunately they were trying to block 8 or 9 guys, so the running game went nowhere. And it was a banged up Ole Miss line. Auburn has bulked up this year, but has little depth. Ole Miss returns veterans up front. Senior Ted Laurent anchors the middle, along with junior Lawron Scott., and the pair should get help from junior Jerald Powe. Senior Greg Hardy is an all-star at end, IF he plays. Senior Marcus Tillman and junior Kentrell Lockett are pretty good ends, too. Advantage: Even.
Even? There's not an offensive line in the conference that is "Even" with our DL. Particularly one that he even admits has "little depth".

Then there's the summary and prediction:(emphasis mine)
While Ole Miss appears on paper to have significant advantages, the game is at Auburn, and Auburn will be looking for a good showing after a tough trip to Baton Rouge.

Prediction: Ole Miss cannot solve the hobgoblin of Auburn's Malzhan offense. Both teams move the ball well, but mistakes on the road doom the Rebels. Auburn hangs on, 34-27.
Wait, what? Our defense is going to be worried about Auburn's offense? I'm fairly certain that Nutt, Nix, and staff aren't worried about being picked apart by Chris Todd and/or Kodi Burns. Sure Malzahn did well as OC at Arkansas and as HC at Tulsa, but consider the offensive talent he was working with in Fayetteville and the defenses he faced at Tulsa. I highly doubt Auburn scores 34 points in any SEC game this year, particularly not against the Rebel defense.

For the most part though, it's a good read with some useful insight.

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