Monday, July 20, 2009

Anthony Dixon arrested

Anthony Dixon was arrested Saturday night for three of charges including driving under the influence after he allegedly refused to take sobriety tests. While there's no denying that Dixon getting busted for DUI is stupid, it's something that the majority of you reading this probably could have been busted for at some point at your time in (Insert College Town Here). But he's a senior leader on a team in transition and it's just a couple of weeks until practice starts up. Mullen and crew did not need this.

What I'm curious to see is how Mullen handles the situation. His predecessor wowed the media with "Be Good or Be Gone," but under Croom, the Bulldogs had arrest numbers that would make Urban Meyer blush, and not many of them were "gone". Mullen has made no such decree and is a Meyer protege, so it will interesting to see how this works itself out in the coming months. Will it be "handled internally?" Will he be suspended for Jackson State? What about Auburn?

As one of the few SEC-caliber players the Bulldogs have on the offensive side of the ball, I expect the punishment will be light. There's no way he misses Auburn and even missing the 2nd half of the JSU game would be a surprise to me. It's not like he was counterfeiting dollar bills, right?

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