Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Afternoon Delights

What's the best way to complain about the out-of-control media hype that a non-story is getting? Well, if you're Danny Belch of the Stanford Daily News, you write a story about it for the newspaper...
I could not believe the coverage this little incident — if we even want to call it that — was getting. In my mind it shouldn’t have gotten any.
Yep, no better way to make sure a "little incident" gets no media coverage than to write about it in the paper. Not a bit of irony there.

And why does it concern a Stanford student anyway? I agree with your assertion that it needs to go away, but it's become a non-issue around here now to everyone but Spurrier himself. I don't think the media "forced" Spurrier to change his vote. He's a disinterested shell of his former antagonistic self and most likely truly delegated his voting duties.

And, Danny, if I may call you Danny, a little fact checking wouldn't hurt along the way.
Then they can go find the person who voted for Brett Favre instead of Tom Brady for the 2008 NFL MVP. If you forgot, Brady broke the record by throwing 50 touchdowns during the regular season, and also led the Patriots to the only 16-0 NFL regular season. Pretty deserving, I would say. He received 49 out of the 50 possible MVP votes. So why did we not hunt down the person who voted for Favre? Maybe because that person had an opinion, and thought Favre’s outstanding 2008 season was MVP-worthy.
In 2008, Tom Brady completed 7/11 passes for 76 yards before suffering a season-ending injury. If anyone voted Brady MVP with those numbers, there probably should be an investigation. I believe you meant 2007, but seeing as how you included "2008" twice, I fear your research crew may be failing you.

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* John Stroud is being inducted into the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame tonight

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