Monday, July 20, 2009

Nice Terrico White feature on

Andy Katz has a nice article on about Terrico White. It talks a bit about his experiences winning gold in New Zealand earlier this month as well prospects for next season... including the NBA. It's good to see the basketball team getting some good publicity.

As an aside, there was one comment in the article I wanted to touch on.
White said he has no idea how Kennedy is going to handle having White and (Chris) Warren back together, since they barely played next to one another last season.
I'm not worried about that at all. Both he and Chris are cut from the same mold - quiet assassins who go about their business stoically. The White/Huertas backcourt never gelled because David was just not that into playing within the system last year. He was thrust into a difficult situation with all the backcourt play around him dropping like flies with knee injuries, but instead of using it as a rallying point to be a team leader, he seemed to mope around and feel sorry for himself. By the time he was ready to play again, Terrico had emerged as the star of the team.

I've said it before, but David, despite being a senior, would've been the odd man out of the starting rotation had he returned for next season. I wish him the best in Puerto Rico, but I'm not worried about replacing him at all. Malcolm White is a much bigger loss for us. Reginald Buckner is going to be a star, but it would've been nice to have Malcolm in there to help ease his transition.

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