Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last thoughts about finebaum's column

Cocknfire over at the always great Team Speed Kills linked back to my response to Finebaum's recent pot-stirring column and makes some of the points I wish I had made, but was too flabbergasted by the gall it took to pen such meaningless crap.

If you don't believe that Ole Miss is going to win the SEC West this year, that's one thing. There's plenty of people out there who believe the Rebels will not win it and offer legitimate reasons they won't. Then you have Finebaum who somehow pieces together 827 words of inflammatory muck without offering a single intelligent statement or snippet of research as to why the Rebels will fail this year. I'd be impressed by the sheer ineptitude if I weren't so bothered that his editor ran with the story.

As Cocknfire points out, most of (Finebaum's) shots are "playground-level taunts, but that's Finebaum's usual fare." It's the sort of inane banter expected on the free access areas of message boards, but not from a professional paid "journalist". He could have worked in "Ole Piss" and "webels" and not compromised the integrity of the column, as there was none left to lose by the fourth paragraph.

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