Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Lunch Links

* The preseason recognitions keep flowing in for the 2009 Rebels both as a whole and as individual standouts. Bruce Feldman lists Patrick Trahan as one of his breakout players from the spring. It’s not surprising though, considering the way Trahan played at the end of the season last year. If he can add a little bit more upper body strength and keep his quickness, he’s got a chance to be special.

* The Quad is up to its 118th best team (AKA 3rd worst team) in the country and it’s the first with SEC ties – New Mexico State. In its first season since firing former UK coach Hal Mumme, the Lobos aren’t expected to do much... not that they did much while he was there. It was surprising how bad Mumme failed there, considering that Smart Football, one of the best sports blogs on the planet, called him possibly The Most Influential Coach of the Last Two Decades.

* There's already been a lot said and written about Daniel Hood, Lane Kiffin's latest signee at Tennessee. His story - actively assisting a 17-year old boy to rape his cousin with a plunger - is well publicized and everyone's got their opinions about this, and here's mine: You can save your “everyone deserves a second chance” line. Like Jamar Hornsby, Hood crossed a certain line that upstanding citizens rarely venture near and never cross.

It’s not like he was a young kid when he contributed to the raping of his cousin. By 13, you’ve got a good handle of right and wrong. How old do you have to be to know that stripping, binding, and raping your cousin is wrong? This was just four-five years ago. Kiffin and others can spin it how they want to, but this is a despicable signing, particularly for a school trying to distance itself from the late Fulmer-era arrest records. Neither he nor Jamar Hornsby should be anywhere near a football field come fall.

* Speaking of The Great Punkin, he apparently wants another crack at a head coaching job, possibly in the NFL. But without a mentor to stab in the back and force out, don't expect the NFL to give him a second thought, particularly when better SEC coaches - Spurrier, Saban, and possibly Petrino - all failed in the NFL.

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