Friday, May 1, 2009

Brooms on the Plains

The Rebels head southeast this weekend to the Plains to take on a mediocre Auburn baseball team that does very little well besides smash HRs. Their 97 long balls on the year is more than 2x the Rebels' 42, but that's no way to win consistently, as evidenced by their record.

If Ole Miss is serious about winning their first outright division title under Bianco, they need to handle business this weekend. It's hard to see the Tigers scoring too many runs against Pomeranz/Irwin/Bittle. I'll go ahead and predict the much needed sweep.


  1. nice call TDG. See another this weekend?

  2. Of course I do. I also predict John Cohen will be ejected from Saturday's game and possibly Sunday's as well. He's a clown.