Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So apparently Ole Miss is going to be good or something...

One of my favorite SEC sites - - posted this Rebel football preview earlier today. It's a very well-informed piece that covers a lot. It wraps up with this doozie:
Predictions: I honestly see the Rebels going 12-0 (8-0) and being in national title contention. (Yes I know it is Ole Miss) The only true tests on their schedule are Alabama and LSU, both of whom will have to travel to Oxford. They will lose to the Gators in the SEC championship and go to a BCS bowl.
Those expectations are a little loftier than mine, but I'll not argue with them.

The one thing from the write-up I do question is this quote:
These aren’t the Rebels we all know and used to love to see on the schedule.
Last I checked, we've won 3/4 from the Gators, including 2 in a row in Gainesville. My guess is the Gators are glad to not see us on their schedule this season.

There's potentially a little bit of Pro-Mullen bias lingering as they're predicting a 5-7 season for mitippi tate, which is at least one more win than most are predicting. But that's understandable based on Mullen's run with UF, and I won't hold it against them...

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