Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yeah, I get it. Bryce Brown is a terrific talent, but I just have to wonder about headlines like this one. Brown and Oku certainly make for a potentially dynamic duo of freshman RBs, but it’s hard not to be a little wary of Brown’s antics, particularly regarding his agent handler Brian Butler. Kudos to Lane Kiffin, for assembling such a highly rated class in a short period of time. I just have to wonder if there’s enough room in the locker room for all those personalities.

You've got to wonder about Brian Butler as well. The NCAA certainly has been. It's a sketchy situation similar to that of World Wide Wes, who "handles" high school basketball stars before "advising" them on their college choices.

Regardless, it’ll be fun watching Hardy, Lockett, Trahan, and company drive Brown into the dirt in mid-November. Those running lanes are going to be awfully tough to find when you don’t have a QB.

This is why I love Dr. Saturday. Even while the Dr. is out, you still have posts like this one.

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