Thursday, March 19, 2009

On your mark... Get set... Spin!

Days after announcing our embarrassing non conference schedule, it would have been refreshing to see Pete Boone come out and admit that he and other university officials screwed the pooch on the whole process. Instead, you get explanations like this one.
"It was just sort of a perfect storm," Boone said. "Money was part of it. Timing was part of it. It wasn't much fun while it was happening, but we got it done, and we learned some valuable lessons that should help us in the future."
Valuable lessons? Like what? Have your schedule finished before 6 months prior to kickoff? Shouldn't our banker AD have known that before now?

They can bitch and whine about this all they want, but the simple fact is that this debacle is squarely on their shoulders. Had the time and energy been dedicated to finishing our schedule in a timely fashion instead of scrambling at the last minute, none of this would have happened. To try and place the blame elsewhere is a joke.

More spin here on David Brandt's blog.

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