Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2009 SEC Football Schedule Breakdown

College Football News breaks down the composite SEC football schedule for the upcoming season here, listing the top 10 conference games and top 10 non-conference games. The upcoming throwdown with Northern Arizona is conspicuously absent.

Their Top 10 conference games look like this:

1. Florida vs. Georgia, Oct. 31
2. Florida at LSU, Oct. 10
3. LSU at Alabama, Nov. 7
4. Alabama at Ole Miss, Oct. 10
5. LSU at Ole Miss, Nov. 21

6. Tennessee at Florida, Sept. 19
7. LSU at Georgia, Oct. 3
8. Alabama at Auburn, Nov. 28
9. Georgia at Tennessee, Oct. 10
10. Auburn at LSU, Oct. 24

We've got two of the top five with visits from the Tide and Bayou Bengals, both of which present real opportunities for College Gameday to pop their Grove cherries and get down here for a broadcast. As an aside, I know that I - like many people across this region - am looking forward to the 70+ point that Urban Meyer is going to hang on Kiffin, but I don't know that that qualifies the UT/UF game as a Top 10 conference game, and certainly not better than the three games listed directly below it.

Needless to say, we don't have a top 10 non-conference game. If they listed all 48 OOC games for the SEC, I'd venture to guess we wouldn't have one in the top 30. It's a complete embarrassment.

CFN also breaks down our chances here, giving us a best case scenario record of 10-2 and a realistic record of 9-3. We'll delve into that more on this site as the season approaches, but it's a nice change to get some credit from the pundits.

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