Sunday, September 6, 2009

Random thoughts from game 1

* That 28 point 4th quarter made it worth sitting through the first 3 disappointing quarters

* The defense missed way too many tackles early on, but settled into a nice groove

* The Liberty Bowl seemed very dirty this year

* Speaking of dirty, I hope somebody dives at Duke Calhoun's knees this year and rolls over onto the backs of his legs, just he did to Greg Hardy this afternoon

* Going to schools like Memphis, among others, makes you really stop and appreciate the Grove and what it means for the pre- and post-game atmosphere

* The 18000+ empty seats should be enough to convince anybody that it's time for this series to take a break. It's just not that interesting anymore

* Jevan Snead looked very tentative early on today. He seemed to lock on to McCluster and Shay Hodge and not look elsewhere

* I wasn't enamored with the offensive play calling today... very predictable. There were only a handful of times we took shots down the field on first down. Part of that may have been Snead's repeated misfires early on, but the predictability was the major cause of our ineptitude early on

* That said, we are riding a 7-game win streak and, not coincidentally, Snead has thrown for 2+ TDs in all 7

* Sure it was garbage time, but Enrique Davis looked better/quicker/faster than Cordera Eason did

* We need a 3rd receiver to step up and claim that role... .badly

* It was no fun to watch Greg Hardy go down and then see McCluster go down shortly after it. It was fun to watch them each make big plays late in the 4th quarter

* Speaking of Hardy, the announcers for ESPN need to learn to read. They referenced Hardy's eye black as "Draft Me" when it clearly said "Doubt Me"

* Ole Miss women > Memphis women

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